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Poodle-Hungarian Vizsla dog

June 2009

29th June - Jake and Tessa

Arriving and lunch - most of these pictures were taken with Fred's Ricoh (mostly by Fred).

Steve and Sara watch Tessa and Jake greeting one another.


Jake and Sara (taken by Steve using little Olympus)

I'll chew yours and you can chew mine.

Tessa chewing lumps out of Jake's ball.

Jake's chewing some hide while Tessa watches.

Tug-of-war time.

More tug-of-war. Sadly the photograph doesn't include the growling.

Jake likes being dragged around. Fortunately.

More tugging and dragging.

And more tugging and dragging.

Back to tugging (and growling).

Walk on the beach - all taken by Steve with her little Olympus


Tessa and Jake playing in the sea.

Tessa's got the bottle.

Chasing about - Tessa's got the bottle again.

More chasing.

Waiting for Fred to throw the bottle.

Hunt the bottle.

Tessa running with the bottle.

Jake's chasing Tessa.

Jake's barking. He's got a really deep woof.

Tessa - scruffy as usual.

More chasing about. Tessa slept well.

Tessa's got the bottle again.

More chasing. They have seemingly inexhaustible energy reserves.

A simple bottle provides endless entertainment.

Fred's going to throw the bottle.

Chasing and paddling at the same time.

Tessa running with bottle.

Jake. He's just as adorable as he looks.

More playing.

Hunting for the bottle again. They're not as good as Holly at finding it.

Fred's about to throw the bottle.

Tessa's swimming!!!! So is Jake - his first experience of swimming in the sea. I don't think either of them liked it much.

I got my feet wet getting the dogs' bottle. Sara found this very funny (so did Fred).

Getting the bottle. Jake's not so keen on the sea when the water's a bit deep.

Chasing around again.

Tessa in deeper water (but not swimming).

More chasing about.

The wave is chasing Tessa, who doesn't want to swim.

Tessa pawing at her bottle.


Sara and Jake.

Sara and Jake, with Tessa in the background.

Sara, Jake, Fred and Tessa. On our way to get ice-cream.

Sara, Jake, Fred and Tessa. On our way to get ice-cream.

Fred and Tessa.

Our little scruff.

After our walk, some Mr Moo's ice-cream (it's almost as good as Movenpick). These pictures were taken with Fred's Ricoh (mostly by Fred).


Tessa's got her eyes on my chocolate ice-cream.

I've got my eyes on Tessa.

She's such a scruffy dog when she's been on the beach.

Patience gets a reward. A tiny amount of ice-cream. Jake ate most of the cone after Tessa dropped it. Tessa didn't want it but she wasn't happy about Jake eating it either.

Sharing my ice-cream.

24th June - Playing with Minty on Hornsea beach

Can't remember the black dog's name. In the centre is six-month-old Minty. Tessa is on the right.

They had a good chase round, in and out of the sea.

Most of the time Minty seemed to prefer to be the chaser. Tessa was happy to be chased. It's an old plastic bottle in Tessa's mouth.

Minty chasing Tessa some more.

And Minty's still chasing Tessa, both of them having a great time.

Minty's teasing Tessa. Tessa just wants Minty to pick up the bottle and run - and Minty knows it *g*

Of course, impatient Tessa grabs the bottle and runs with Minty in her preferred position - chasing.

And still chasing.

This time Minty's got the bottle and Tessa's chasing.

Minty runs into the sea - I think she thinks it might slow Tessa down a bit.

Another chase is about to start

Minty's teasing Tessa again. I think Tessa was barking at her.

More chasing.

Minty's got the bottle again.

And now Tessa's got the bottle.

Tessa running - yes, it's blurred. She's fast.

Minty's teasing Tessa again.

More chasing. Although the sun was lovely, I feel I should mention this was all between 08.00 and 09.00 so it wasn't really hot.

Our scruffy dog.

Wet and with her fur full of sand, she still cuddled up to me in the car coming home - I couldn't push her away but it wasn't pleasant *g*

17th June - Scarborough beach

She finds it very hard to sit and wait for the ball to be thrown, especially before she's chased it a few times

Fetching the ball out of the sea

Waiting for the ball to be thrown

Running scross the sand with her ball

Now she can just about manage to sit to wait for the ball to be thrown

Playing in the sand

7th June - playing in the park

Tessa and ball (someone else's ball)

Tessa carrying someone else's ball

That's Tessa's ball on the ground. She doesn't want to swap.

A pause to get their breath back.

Tessa and someone else's ball

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