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15th June 2009

Pond with new fountain

Pond with new fountain

White Armeria Maritima

Sempervivum growing on pond surround

Sempervivum growing on pond surround

The new fountain

Marigold (bought as a plug plant)

Front garden

Trailing geramiun flower





Front garden

Rose 'Clarence House' It's real beauty lies in the scent which is gorgeous.

Pots on front doorstep.

Hardy fuschia 'Genii' - this is its second year

Sweet peas - wonderful scent. Grown from seed.

Sweet peas (grown from seed)

Back garden. Raspberries looking healthy but not promising much crop.

Back garden. Rose 'Sussex' can just be seen to the right.

Trailing/ground cover rose 'Sussex'

Tomato plants in the greenhouse

Top are mainly tomato 'Gartenperle' a trailing cherry tomato (grown from seed). On lower staging are beetroots, spring onions, Lollo Rosso lettuce and, right at the far end, carrots.

Can't remember its name but its a common hanging basket plant (which I bought as plants)

Trailing carnation - grown from seed and now in second or third year. Weather suits it better this year, it doing better than usual.

Hanging basket with trailing carnations

Bed behind greenhouse - looking better now the overhanging cotoneaster from next door has been cut right back.

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